Shuman's Jelly CakeShuman’s Jelly Cake has been an Alexandria, Virginia tradition for more than 100 years.  Shuman’s Jelly Cake is viewed by many  as a necessity at Alexandria holiday and family gatherings, and it developed a national and international following: according to an old newspaper clipping, it was served to Princess Elizabeth before she became Queen of England. Alexandria native Willard Scott once said in Country Living magazine, “I don’t care what kind of diet I’m on, if I can’t eat Shuman’s Jelly Cake, I don’t deserve to live.”

Shuman’s Jelly Cake is made using the original family recipe–three thin layers of pound cake, separated by layers of homemade red currant jelly.  About 12 inches in diameter, jelly cake can be cut into about 50 bite-size diamonds for a finger-food dessert, or into 16 wedges if one wishes to eat with a plate and fork.  Powdered sugar is included and can be sifted or sprinkled on top.  Shuman’s Jelly Cake can be frozen for later use.


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